Nidra Art | About Us
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Nidar Art provides an international platform for young artists by organizing pop-up Exhibitions and Art Events all over the world. Every month, we take the exhibits to a different city in a different country, where we find local young artists with great talent. Such, our artists find a great chance meet and discuss with audiences from many different cultural backgrounds. Together, we celebrate art and the artists at unconventional locations all over the world.
Nidra Art aims to establish an effective degree of art exposure and development in the global art market for young artists and thus enhance both the artistic, cultural economy of such fine arts for talented youth. We place artworks outside of the cultural and economic context in which they were created to enhance both cultural and marketing aspects of the artwork both domestically and globally and thus, help the artists thrive without many hassles in the challenging 21-century marketplace.
We still envision to develop higher arrangments and maneuvers to surpass the geographical boundaries and restrictions to bring together artists from around the globe in a logistically easy, culturally more synergetic and economically innovative way.
These material and organizational qualities of a work of art are called its formal properties, and discussion about the value of art from this perspective is to consider a formal theory of art.

Follow Your Dreams, They Know The Way