Nidra Art | Elaheh Sheikhalizadeh
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Elaheh Sheikhalizadeh

I’m Elaheh Sheikhalizadeh. I was born in Tehran, Iran in june 1985.
In 2010 I was graduated with a bachelor’s degree in cinema/theater make up. after that, I Studied courses of interior design and dubbing and worked in these areas for a while. For years I worked in fashion modeling as a photo model.
My life has not been separated from artistic activity since my childhood until today, and singing is also one of my artistic interests and activities.
As for painting, as a child I realized my talent in this field and I studied painting in the high school and my serious activity in the abstract style was started in 2017. Music and nature have a great impact on my work.
I have participated in the group exhibition of the dd Gallery Museum in Iran in 2021, Art Fair Ankara 2022 in the group exhibition in Bulgaria 2022.