Nidra Art | Fabiano Millani
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Fabiano Millani

▪️Workshop Theme: Hyper Realistic Oil Painting.

▪️Artist: Fabiano Millani

▪️Location: Istanbul /Turkey

▪️Date : 8-9 February 2020

The Workshop is a complete course, in which students work together in order to insert the fundamental methods of realism, through the observation of the live painting developed by artist Millani, and later done by the student, being followed and evaluated (points). positively / negatively) by the teacher in order to develop increasingly complex observation skills and hyper-realistic representations.

The Workshop is held in two days (Saturday and Sunday), totaling 16 hours of course.

for every student, Participation certificate will be issued by Master Fabiano Millani.

🔹Registration Deadline : 10 October 2019

For more information and Registration :


☎️WhatsApp:  00905335003850