Nidra Art | Happy Inspo
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Happy Inspo

Elham rezazadeh Designer and graphist
Shadi ershad Art and culture manager
Start since 2010

Painting and interior designing
Designing and making apparel and accessories as happy inspo art.
Freelanded designer for salian company
Random Iran’s galleries 2010-2020
IAAF istanbul 17May-17Nov 2021
IAAF istanbul 03Nov-07Nov 2021
ANKA apollon gallery 08Jan-15Jan 2022
Empathizing international exhibition boris georgiev city art gallery Varna-Bulgaria 31March-03Aprill 2022

Our effort is to move on our designs and paintings based on zero-waste issues
And being able to use intelligently any material in any field such as collage painting ,clothes designing and interior designing.
Wasted material of one work can be the raw material of another work.

Eye Contact
Acrylic and collage on canvas
80×180 cm
15000 TL