Nidra Art | Hossein Abareshi
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Hossein Abareshi

Hossein Abareshi

Born in 1979 in Tehran, Iran

*  Excellent certificate from the Iranian calligraphers association

* 2002 People selected painting _Tehran visual arts exhibition Saadabad Palace

* 2003 Negarestan line calligraphy group exhibition, Tehran,Iran

* 2006 The first person of calligraphy calligraphy festival in Isfahan,

* 2006 The second person of Tehran calligraphy Festival Islamshahr

* 2007 Kish women’s affairs art gallery, Kish Island,Iran

* 2008 Sanaei cultural center art gallery, Kish Island, Iran

* 2021 Holding an underwater calligraphy exhibition and performing underwater calligraphy for the first time in the world, Kish Island , Iran

* 2021 Mah o mahi art gallery, Karaj – Iran

* 2021 Victory art gallery, Italy

* 2021 Holder of the group certificate exhibition ( From Ibn Sina unity of art, Georgia) in Italy

* 2021 Receive a gold medal at the Italy group exhibition

* 2021 Holder of the group exhibition  certificate ( From Ibn Sina unity of art, Georgia) in Turkey

* 2021 Next art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

* 2021 Artem gallery, Los Angeles, USA

* 2021 Holder of a certificate of 10 calligraphy registration in the ministry of culture and Islamic

* 2022 Record ten works in the book of Asian artists

  • 2022 Mica art gallery, Kish Island,

Hossein abareshi
وصال و یگانگی
karışık teknik
80×80 cm
15000 TL