Nidra Art | Kaniav Iranzadeh
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Kaniav Iranzadeh

Kaniav Iranzadeh

Bachelor of Painting, Azad University, Center for Art and Architecture

Starting work in 1996

Professors: Babak Atminani, Faramarzi, Muslimin, Arjmandnia and …

Abstract style, abstract, portrait

Active in the Institute of Illumination

And the Platform Institute

Two solo exhibitions, Free Gallery and Negar Gallery, Golestan Gallery and participation in group exhibitions: Ostad Farshchian Gallery, Palestine Museum of Art, Ehsan Gallery, Cultural Center of Nations, Eric Gallery, Storks Conference related to MS Association, Mellat Campus

Participated in the International Art Fair of Padua and Genoa, Italy and won first place in the Art Fair of Padua

ArtFar Moscow

International exhibition boris georgiev city art gallery, varna-bulgaria

Gallery Cafe: Heath and Bellini