Nidra Art | Mahsa Saghaei
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Mahsa Saghaei

Name: Mahsa Saghaei

March 2, 1991 ‌Birth:

Live in Tehran, Iran

Education: BA & MA in Industrial Design from Art University of Tehran

International Project: volunteered in a project in Vienna, Austria as a graphic designer

Current Job: Founder at Dillance Studio, that is a ceramic and pottery studio


Awards: Honorable Mention at the International Design Awards 2021, USA

Exhibition: Group exhibition Khorshid art gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2021

Title: Soil, symbol of our connection to the earth.
Technique: Saggar technique and ceramic screen printing.
Size: height 11cm, width 13cm
Price: 4500 TL
There are many common areas in the world that are both taken for granted and considered as very important issues to humanity, like: Food, Family, Nature and …
One of the most global common contexts is soil, which is an emotional agreement exchange.I  tried to give it a form that anyone can instinctively communicate with.Its culture and alphabet may be strange to you but on the soil as one of the common contexts, we can agree that it is a symbol of our connection to the earth.