Nidra Art | Mahshid Asgharinejat
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Mahshid Asgharinejat

Mahshi Asgharinejat

Born in 1987, Tehran, Iran


Painting diploma from the 204 conservatory, Tehran, Iran.

Bachelor of painting, 209 Azad university, Tehran,Iran.

Establishing an art school in 2012, Tehran, Iran.

Achieving second place in painting in the annual exhibition of painting students, Tehran, Iran.


Certificate of Majed Gallery in Iran in 2017

Certificate of Irik Gallery in Iran in 2018

Certificate of Head of Palastin Contemporary Arts Museum in 2018

Certificate of Art Gallery Tbilisi- Georgia in 2018

Certificate of Baran Rang Gallery in 2019

Certificate of recognation of outstanding Participaition in Art Show entiled IAAF ONLINE in 2021

Certificate of recognition of outstanding participation in Istanbul Art & Antique Fair entitled IAAF in 2021

Certificate of Bodrum Art & Antique Fair entitled BAAF in 2021

Certificate of paticipation in the event EuroExpoArt in 2022

” Where are my eyes ” (The Little Prince )
100×70 cm
12000 TL

The robin hood
100×70 cm
12500 TL

The Queen
100×100 cm
15000 TL