Nidra Art | Monireh Noori
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Monireh Noori

👩‍🎨 “Monireh Noori”
Manager and founder of Tarannom Art Gallery
Working in the field of art since 1998
🎓 International degree in teaching painting
🎓 Qualification of training of persian illumination and miniature.
🎓 Aquiring superior degrees in Iranian and international exhibitions.
🎓 Teacher of Payam Noor University.
🎓 Expert in a variety of art styles: Realism, Impressionism, Hiper realism, and Modern at all levels.
🎓 Administrating teacher training lessons and handing valid certificate.
🎓 Organizing world wide tours and gallories of art.
🎓 Conducting live workshops in Iran as well as international galleries.

🔸Participation in the International Water Color Festival of Italy 2015 and having work art, ” New sight” printed in the ” International watercolor society Fabriano 2015.”
🔸Participation and attedance in the International Festival of Wayercolor in Ezmir, Turkey (Branova), 2015 and having the art work ” Portrait of Sajarian” accepted.
🔸 Participation and attedance in the International Biennale if New Delhi, India, 2015, having the art work ” The memorable old man” printed in ” 1st International Watercolor Society India Biennale 2015
🔸Participation in the International
Watercolor Bienniale of Quito- Equador 2016, having the art work printed
🔸 Participation in the International
Watercolor Festival of Pakistan 2017, having the art work printed.
🔸 Acceptance if art work in the festival of Urbino, Italy and having the art work printed.
🔸Participation in the International
Watercolor Festival in Dubai, The United Arab Emirats 2017, with 12 of my students with the title of “happiness” having all works of art printed in “The International Watercolor of Dubai, 2017”.
🔸 Manager of holding the Exhibition of the great artists of Iran, “Taranom” and ” Messengers of Ghoghnoos” in Yerevan, Armenia, 2018 and being awarded the Appreciation Award August 2018, Artist Union of Armenia.
🔸Manager of art exhibition, Marki in Istanbul, Turkey
🔸Participation in over 100 Iranian and International Art Exhibitions
🔸Organizing over 40 exhibitions of works of art of students in Tarannom Gallary.
🔸 Having a TV show broadcasted about her art record.
🔸Acceptance of order of mayer of Isfahan for portrait of 35 martyres, conductig luve workshop and having the posters displayed in the city of Isfahan.
🔸Being a member in a number of art communities: ” the paintists of Isfahan” , ” the organization of art galleries”, ” the society of miniature of Isfahan”, “the Isfahan society of handicrafts ( an honorary member)” and ” the international watercolor society, IWS.”

50×68 cm
6000 TL