Nidra Art | Parmela Melody
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Parmela Melody

Parmela Melody

Born 1968  lsfahan  lran

Studied and practiced Fine Art in so many short and long term classes with professional and famous teachers and Artists in my town:

Doctor Mohmmady Rad

Mr Atashzad

Mrs Mosapoor

Mr Abdy nejad

Also have honer degree of Calligraphy from Isfahan sosiety of Calligraphers

Recently have been working for book imagery.


-Boris Georgiev Art Gallery ,Varna,Bolgaria 2022

-Euro Expo Art Gallery,Forly,Italy 2022

-twise LAAF Online with Nidra Art 2021

-Milad tower Art Gallery, Tehran 9/2015

-Nahavand Art Gallery Tehran 2015

-Milad tower Art Gallery,Tehran 5/2015

-Atashzad Art Gallery Tehran 2010

-kowsar Art Gallery Isfahan 2000

-kowsar Art Gallery Isfahan 1999

Work Titel: Estern Ofilia
Technique: Acrylic colour
Work size:100×100 cm
Price:7000 TL