Nidra Art | Payman Sahrady
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Payman Sahrady


Born on the 30th of may 1975.

Graphic designer, image processing and colour separation expert.

520th  member of Iranian Graphic Designers Association.

Active in the field of color management in processes based on comercial printing types.

Packaging Designer and Rehabilitator of Printed Products steps.

Supervisor of graphic designers in the field of pre-printing with mass production planning.

Teacher of printing and pre-printing knowledge courses.

I have lived with the taste of photography and painting for many years and I have an

indescribable thirst for creative abstract works.


Ever since I remember, there has been a mayhem in my heart.  Fear, hope or a strange enthusiasm. Nightmares that take me to the dream world. Chaos in my imagination,  which time to time leads me to my fantasies.  These feelings sometimes causes me agony. Becoming a graphic designer did not satisy my cravings. But then,  when all those sweet dreams and agonizing nightmares got mixed in sweetness of brush and colour , to the end of joys of creation, to depth of darkness of fear and to the heights of passion of Himalayas.  I believe it is painting that embraces me in times of loveliness and I will fall sleep in a bed of canvas, without any fear and with every rythm of colorful brush, I will stare into a dream, as life is nothing but a dream and art is dream in wakefulness.

Name: Gücüm sabrım Part 1
Artist: Payman Sahrady
Size: 70×70 Cm
Acrylic on Canvas
4500 TL

Name: Gücüm sabrım  Part 2
Artist: Payman Sahrady
Size: 90×60 Cm
Acrylic on Canvas
6000 TL

Name: Gücüm sabrım Part 3
Artist: Payman Sahrady
Size: 80×70 Cm
Acrylic on Canvas
5500 TL