Nidra Art | Sepideh Oveissi
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Sepideh Oveissi

Sepideh oveissi

Digital and physical Artist with 15 years of related work experience, as well as portfolio of varied accomplishments , exhibitions, and academic achievements. Possess a strong sense of artistry and forward-thinking, that is consistently displayed across all art pieces. Capable of communicating.

Graduated of South tehran University master of textile engineering.

She experienced working at learnovin Academy as a teacher of art , painting, digital painting for 3 years, water color artist, figure drawing artist , digital painter, motion graphics, crypto art, NFT artist ,

Some exhibitions:

.2018 ,ATASHZAD GALLERY, iran ,tehran.

.2015 ,Noname A4,iran, tehran.

.2019 ,haftsamar gallery, iran, tehran.

. 2021 ,NFT Exhibition, STRATOSPHERE nft art gallery,China .

.2021 cNft exhibition nft spaceship Museum,spatial,metavers.

2022 art ankara fair ( Doart gallery)

missing you
Oil painting
90*140 cm
Price 12000 TL