Nidra Art | Sharareh Vazirzadeh Nouri
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Sharareh Vazirzadeh Nouri

Born in 1987 tehran,iran


• Bachelor of art degree in professional painting expert- persian painting and illuminated manuscript, art and cultural no.38 college of applied science and technology in Tehran(2013-2015)

• Master of art degree in illustration, science and research branch of Islamic Azad University (2015-2018


3• st place (flower and bird), baran rahmat 2nd national festival (2015_07 )  

• reached the final stage of judgment, art committee of the 2nd academic section of imam reza international festival (2017_06 ) 

• reached to the practical-competitive stage of ganjineh,1st national student handcrafts festival, saba art museum, honar cultural center (2017_02 ) 

•selected work of art, traditional art and handcrafts, 3rd festival of samfonilaklakha (2018_08)


• Persian painting exhibition, andisheh art museum (2015-07)

• gholamro mani 7th group painting exhibition, Tehran milad tower (2015_09 )  

• Attended with artwork, Persian painting flower and bird), pardisan art museum of ferdows cultural center(2015-10)

•  group Persian painting exhibition, melal art museum, Tehran municipality(2015-11)

• Attended with artworks, Persian painting exhibition, ebn-e- sina art museum (2016-09)

• Persian painting (gholamro mani), Reza Abbasi museum (2017-06)

•3rd festival of samfoni laklakha, international MS day (2018_08)

• Persian painting virtual exhibition, andisheh art museum (2020-10)


• Persian painting workshop of baran rahmat 2nd national festival(2015_07)

• Art workshop (naghsh_e_neynava) exhibition (2015-10)

• Attended workshop on cultural training  and development center of office for cultural and social affairs of the university of tehran(2015-10)

group   online painting exhibition, iaaf istanbul, Istanbul (2022-02)

A thousand and one ways
Mixed media
5000 TL

A thousand and one hopes
Mixed media
5000 TL