Nidra Art | Talieh Ohadi
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Talieh Ohadi

Talieh Ohadi

Born in 1981, Esfahan, Iran


2020 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Kassel University, Germany

2004 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Azad Najafabad Univeristy, Esfahan, Iran 


2022 Apollon Gallery, Istanbu, Turkey

2021 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2021 Atashzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2020 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2020 Tamasha Galler, Esfahan, Iran

2020 Tamasha Gallery, Esfahan, Iran 

2014 Arte Gallery, Esfahan, Iran

2011 Apadana Gallery, Esfahan, Iran (Solo Exhibition)

2011 Abi Gallery, Esfahan, Iran

2010 Central Gallery, Esfahan, Iran 

2009 Candelus Gallery, Esfahan, Iran

2008 Central Gallery, Esfahan, Iran

Blue Sky
50*70 cm
5000 TL